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Problem with deliver of FH2


Dear all,
Has anyone a similar problem?
Wood is not aligned at all and I could not put the roof even!!? Brood and super impossible to align 4 angles…
Also broken parts are replaced when delivered broken?



I’ve just finished putting two FH2’s together.
Like any hive box care must be taken to retain “square” while constructing either with a construction square or using a tape measure to ensure the diagonals are the same.
Using these two methods mine are glued and screwed and are both square and have gone together fine.
I’d suggest backing off the screws and measuring the diagonal, getting them both within a millimeter of each other and then re-tightening the screws. (Clamping will help)
I had one piece that was cracked upon delivery, a photo sent with an email to Flow saw a replacement here within a week. Their after sale service I’d rate as excellent.



One or both of those boxes are out of square. I’ve taken a couple of pictures in case my explanation wasn’t clear.
The chip out of the base section isn’t going to be a killer, annoying yes but once the feet assembly is fitted it will be hidden.


Hi Alexis,
I’m sorry to hear your Flow Hive has arrived damaged and isn’t square. Please email customer service to resolve the issue: info@honeyflow.com
Please include your order number or the email address you used when you ordered so that we can find you in our system.
Thank you for your patience.


You didn’t assemble it square and on a flat surface so it has a twist in the box, that is not a fault in manufacturing but in the assembling. Contact Flow Hive re the broken piece and I am sure you will be delivered a replacement.
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Hi everyone, I started all from scratch and it matches great now! Thanks for your support.