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Protection from pesticides


I live in an area where farmers occasionally spray crops and pastures. Many of these are deadly at spraying, but are ok for bees within a couple of days. So I would need some kind of net in which to enclose my hive for a couple of days, until the danger passes. Shutting the hive entrance might cause the hive to overheat. Does anyone know of any nets of this kind which are commercially available?


The usual thing is to put an empty super on top and shut them in


Thanks for that. For how many days would they be ok, with that arrangement? Would 2-3 days be ok?


So long as they have stores they will be fine, if unsure put a small feeder in


By empty I meant with frames in rather than just an empty box. They could become quite creative otherwise. Make sure they have water. An entrance feeder full might be an idea. I hope you get warning of spraying


Another very simple solution is to cut a strip of fly screen to fit, and tape it across the entrance late at night when all of the bees are home. In the US, we use #8 hardware cloth, but any insect screen should work fine, as long as you fix it in place carefully.



What Dawn says…but be careful approaching your hive at night! They come out quickly and attack ANYthing in range. Do NOT use a flashlight unless you have a red lenscap on.


Thanks, for the suggestions.