Protective gear

What is your preferred protective gear to wear? Full suit, just jacket with jeans?
Before I go spend money would love some opinions.

Start with a full suit.
Later you can get lighter gear as you get more confidence and more used to handling your bees gently.
Even when experienced, there will be times, either because the bees are moody or because you need to do a complicated manipulation that you might need a full suit.


Vented or not vented jacket, jeans or work pants, work boots and a pair of goatskin TIG welding gloves.
Oh, and some antihistamine and the BiteAway stick close by. :wink:

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full suit- love my lyson premium suit. Bees can sting right through denim pants… I prefer to put a suit on over clothes I already have on for an extra layer of protection.

Hi Tracey, spend the money and buy a ventilated mesh suit and goat skin gloves, that will the best protection and confidence as you get to handle the bees. As a beginner you will have clumsy moments that will annoy the bees and want to defend the colony.
With time you might first do away with the gloves for a pair that give you a better dexterity and come Summer even a mesh suit can become really hot to wear. I always wear a veil and might begin in a suit and if the bees are calm finish up in a veil, shorts and T shirt.

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