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Pseudoscorpions natural varroa control


Anyone using pseudoscorpions to control varroa mites and small hive beetles?

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This is SO cool! I just checked out his webpage, and in Germany anyway, the book scorpion is rare and endangered. We’ll have to do a bit of our own research.

I wonder if @Michael_Bush or Hillary Kearney has any information on this research? They are my “go-to” folks for natural beekeeping methods.


I found intertidal pseudoscorpions here.


I did a little digging too:



I will see if I can locate a copy of this bee Journal :grin:


Still trying to get into Sci-hub to read Donovan’s papers, but meanwhile:


you can read the first page at least :grin:


Warrick R Nelson via ResearchGate emailed me the “Culturing chelifers (Pseudoscorpions) that consume Varroa mites” article, but I haven’t figured out how to share. It was a nice 7 page read. I contacted bugsincyberspace.com, but not able to obtain the intertidal pseudoscorpions because they’ve been out of stock for a few years. They said lots of beekeepers have been asking about them. Their website said collected at low tides on the Pacific NW beaches.



Thanks for the link; I’ve requested the article too.


Hello Gemini @geegeesbees,
I’ve been doing a bit of sleuthing, and have found a few sources that maybe are new to you too:

there is also a Facebook page:

Interesting stuff!


Awesome detective work. I am now following Chelifer on FB.


Wow so interesting :slight_smile: I wonder if anyone is breeding them in USA etc… good business idea for someone.


Hello all,
Check this out, photos of swarming bees in South Africa corralling pseudoscorpions to take them along to their new home! :honeybee::scorpion::house:



Nice :slight_smile: :honeybee: so interesting