Putting Bees Into a Flow Hive Using the Wood Starter Strips

I’m supplying a colony of bees with a young queen & I’m showing my method of getting the bees working the wood starter strips.



Thanks Jeff, and well spotted Wilma! Cheers Tim.

Thanks Tim, sure was. We never get tired of spotting queens. I think she is an exceptional one. I reckon natural selection beats random propagating every time.

Another great video Jeff and Wilma. Thanks. I really like how you demonstrate that bee shaking technique Jeff. I’ve been trying to shake bees without as much success as I want. Those short, sharp sequenced shakes that Jeff does seem to do the trick. My shakes are often wild and bumpy. I get more of a cloud of bees rather than a neat patch of them under the frame where you want them to bee.

Great video, Jeff and Wilma. Thank you for your effort. I was fascinated to see all that drone comb on the foundationless frame. What a gorgeous queen too! I reckon you ought to charge a premium for that colony, Jeff! :smile:

Thanks for that video. Is that the pocket hive tool you have in your hand?

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Hi & many thanks @sciencemaster, @Dawn_SD, & @adagna. The shaking technique must take a bit of practice, I guess. I bet the butcher you see sharpening his/her knives didn’t make it look that easy when he/she first started out.

Dawn, those large areas of drone comb the bees build on foundationless frames is the main reason I prefer wax foundation.

I’m putting a colony together for a bloke who supplied me with wax coated (supposedly wax coated) plastic foundation in wood frames. It’s very apparent to me that the bees don’t like it. Maybe with a thicker coating of wax, the bees might like it. It gets back to the Goldilocks thing. I find that full sheets of wax foundation to be “just right”.

Hi Adam, that IS the PPHT:) I think it’s the best $6 any beekeeper will spend. However I tried pulling out nails with it today with no luck. Admittedly the nails were well in. I guess that’s what a claw hammer is for.


They have those tools at Mann Lake if you want one, Adam. :imp:

My husband doesn’t get to use mine - he can have the big heavy clunky one! :smiling_imp:

I have big hands, I would worry with gloves it would be hard to use. I may invest in one after I try out my full size one

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