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Putting my hive in a shed with access outside for bees


Hi everyone,

Right a bit of a strange one. I live in a city centre with a small garden I have a small dog and neighbours gardens all around. I was thinking of putting my flow hive inside my workshop (big shed) with some kind tunnel system out the back of the shed. Stop the dog stressing the bees and any stray ball or kid getting too close. Would this affect the bees? I seen the idea in the kelvin art gallery they have a similar set up. Also a mentor in Glasgow area would be great if someone is willing to give me some of their time.


An idea similar to this “bee house” is done a lot in Europe from what I have seen pictures of. The trick would be modifying the entrance to accept the entrance tube but could be done easily enough with 1.5" flexible PVC and standard 1.5" PVC fittings. Or you could modify the roof to fit flush against the wall of the shed and just cut a slit to match the entrance on the hive


The entrance would be a simple bit of plastic hose. That is what we use in our display hive in the museum. However, the real trick is handling the bees in an enclosed area when you do an inspection. You end up with lots of confused bees that cannot get back into their hive.



[quote=“Rmcpb, post:3, topic:6655, full:true”]
You end up with lots of confused bees that cannot get back into their hive.[/quote]

That’s why bee houses have windows that open out-downwards. Bees will try to fly to the light, thus get to the windows and are led outside by the glass. And make sure you can “seal” your shed bee-tight, if you want to. That’s of great use when you start to harvest.


Thank you for all the feed back I plan on designing a section at the door of the shed that I can seal so I can work with the hive open and leave the door of the shed open so the confused bees can escape. Does the pvc tube that allows the bees to leave through the wall need to be the same width as the hive entrance for ventilation and to allow heavy traffic?


In feral hives bees prefer cavities that have an opening approximately the same size as 1.5" pvc. You would likely have to drill a hole in the box to accomplish this unless you get very creative on how to attach a tube to the wide narrow open most bottom boards create


But its going in a shed. If the door is left open they will find their way out but its fun when they are all in there with you :grinning:


Haha I know I’ll be in the middle of it. I think I’ll try and be creative and make something the width of the hives entrance. I’ve got a bit to go but I won’t be bringing my hive to the city until next year. Until then they can enjoy the country life. Is there a best time of the year to introduce you nuc to the hive? I live in Scotland if that’s any good. Thanks for all the help


Best time is warm weather during a nectar flow. I would say April to June in the UK. By July the nectar flow is generally decreasing. You could still do it, but you may have to feed them.


I thought as much thank you. I’ve got a lot to learn but I can’t wait. Just need a mentor now. Thanks again