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On the forum we have lots of really experienced beekeepers. That is really good for all the beginner beekeepers but it is also good for those who already have bees. We never stop learning about beekeeping. Having access to such a wide group…worldwide group of beekeepers, who all have an interest in the Flow hive is fantastic. A common interest above and beyond the fascinating bee world.
I think it is so important that we have access to this knowledge and also the wealth of practical experience from these generous people…who I am sure are very busy yet take the time to answer all our repetitive questions. Having beekeepers from all over the world means we often get advice which is different from what we would expect. Beekeeping differs depending on the region and country…sometimes quite dramatically.
I have asked questions recently from someone which have remained unanswered…which is strange because normally there would be a post there waiting for me the next time I logged on. So I am now getting worried. Does anyone know if Jeff is OK? Is he poorly? Had an accident? He doesn’t answer PM and he always does that. I only hope he is on holiday or something and will be back soon. A very valuable member of the forum.


Thats probably it. Think you find he will answer you when he is available.


Seems very strange though…it’s still his honey harvesting time…I would doubt he is away at the moment. My questions aren’t urgent but usually he is great at getting back to us quickly. I value him greatly. He has always contributed without stint on the forum.


I have PMd him and got no answer too. Perhaps I shall Facebook Wilma


I think a moderator removed him from the forum. But I would like to protest that action @Faroe @adagna @sara. JeffH contributed a huge amount to us, and I think removing him is officious and heavy-handed. He has a wicked sense of humour, and he loves to tease people, but I never saw any third party complaints about that. I would like to vote to get him reinstated, please. We are missing out enormously without him here. Thank you.


Removed him from the forum?..but why would a Moderator do that? He is one of the best and most generous of people with his time and effort in helping fledgling beekeepers on this forum. I can only suppose that it was Valli as I can’t imagine any of the other Moderators doing that…I have noticed for some time that she has been very anti Jeff for some reason. What a huge pity. I can only hope that the Flow Team appreciate all that he has contributed to the forum and soon allow him full privileges again …we sure will miss him. Jeff has given far more to us than just posting here…he shares his videos on beekeeping and jam making, harvesting ginger…and a host of other subjects. A life very different from ours in the UK…he has opened a window into Australian life.


The necessary changes have been made and he has full access to the forum. I agree Jeff is an asset to the forum and would be sorely missed.


Welcome back JeffH…we missed Ya.
Now where were we? Ah yes…SHB …tell us all about what you actually have to do if you find it in your hive?


Thank heavens common sense has prevailed. I wouldn’t blame Jeff for abandoning the forum but I hope he returns.


Oh No …don’t even suggest it…I’m sure he will be back.
We need the forum to function as it used to without strife.
We will be able to get back to the bees!


I don’t even mind a bit of heated discussion. It is great to read all of the different points of view, and even to see people joking and teasing each other in a friendly manner. It is fantastic to have a forum where we can read the varying views of @Michael_Bush, @JeffH and @Red_Hot_Chilipepper, among others, all of whom have many years of experience with bees, and all of whom have different points of view. I always learn something when each of them chimes in on a topic, even when they disagree. I say, “Vive la Difference!!”, it is healthy and stimulating. :smile:


And that is why we learn something new every day. I might not agree with a lot that Michael says but equally a lot of what he says does make sense and I can apply it to my beekeeping.