Rape cristallisation


Has anyone had any experience with flows that crystallise quickly like Rape for example?
I haven’t adopted the flow frame system yet and live in area where Rape is a major draw for my Bees.
The honey crystallises very quickly and I wondered has anyone have a similar problem and is using the Flow Hive?

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If you enter OSR in the search tool at the top right of this site, you will see several discussions about it. The basic summary is that you just harvest it quickly, as you would have to do if you had traditional wax frames. No difference really. Here are some links to discussions, but there are more:

Hope that helps. :wink:

The other thing some U.K. Flow keepers do is wait for the rape to finish then put the flow super on

We have OSR near us in South Australia. We have just put the super on now that the OSR has finished. But will there be an issue with chrystalization in the brood box? Or does the heat/activity of the bees prevent this?

G’day Tom, the way I understand it is the bees cope with honey crystallizing in the combs. As we know, honey crystallizing is a natural phenomenon. Apparently the bees use water to manipulate the crystals back to liquid again.

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Thanks Jeff,
That makes sense- otherwise they would be steering clear of the canola altogether

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