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New to beekeeping and HoneyFlow question

Hi, I have already purchased my Flow hive and am excited to get it going. However, a local beekeeper has said that the “Flow” system won’t work in my area (Cambridgeshire, UK) due to the prevalence of Rapeseed. Any thoughts on difficulties Rapeseed might present and, if honey gets stuck or crystallises inside, how you’d get it out?
Many thanks

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That’s rubbish samb don’t listen too much to opinions like that it’s really down to your local forage resources and knowing what you can do to minimise any issues with crystallising.

OSR is seasonal so if you have it in your area or where you intend to house your hive then it’s just a case of keeping an eye on it.

Bees forage from multiple sources especially backyard Beekeeping so you’ll have alsorts of nectar coming in.

An option is to have a traditional honey super on at the beginning of the OSR season/bloom. Then remove it and replace with your Flow super. I’ve seen others post that harvesting OSR early with thier flow frames did the trick to prevent issues.

Never had an issue (Midlands) same for ivy.

Best advice is just go with the Flow (parden the pun) if your Flow Frames do become crystallised it’s just a case of rinsing them out with warm water until they clear. You’ll be left with wax prepped frames and the bees will soon crack on filling them again.

All part of the learning and fun samb :+1:


Welcome to the forum Sam, you will get lots of tip[s and advice here from the members as well as lots of reading.
When I first got interested in buying Flow hives I made a few visits to my local bee group and was even offered a list of honeys that would crystallize in a Flow Frame, the list named just about every source of nectar in Australia, where the Flow Hive was designed. I found that information conflicting to say the least. I also found most of the experts in the group hadn’t had any hands on knowledge of a flow hive, so I went ahead and bought four as an experiment. Rape seed was on the list.
Different honey can vary in time to crystallize from never to about a month or two but that will vary on a lot of factors. Most owners of Flow Hives are extracting the honey as soon as it is capped as they are honey hungry. Bees forage on a variety of what is available at the time so it is unlikely you would get a frame of pure Rape Seed, also consider that the crystallizing time between a traditional frame and a Flow Frame would be the same.
Pre the Flow Hive I chased Rape seed, Salvation Jane and Cape weed as an early source of honey and never had an issue with it crystallizing in the frames. You have been told a myth that has no basis in facts. If you do have a frame that crystallized it is only a matter of rinsing the frame in warm water regardless of the nectar source. But I doubt you would leave a capped frame on the hive long enough for that to happen.