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Removing Flow Honey Supers over winter

If there is uncapped nectar in the flow super and I want to remove a super from my hive to reduce it down to two boxes, how do I go about it? Can nectar in the flow super be frozen in the frames and returned to the hive in Spring or is there a way of getting the bees to remove it and put it in their hybrid super or vice versa?

I have been running one brood with a Hybrid super and a Flow 2 super above a QX since spring and want to reduce it down to two boxes to overwinter.

I have recently rejigged one of my hives down to two boxes successfully by moving frames around so that I was able to remove the hybrid. I have three drawn wax combs from the hybrid for spring as they were empty and was able to extract two flow frames and return them to the hive thus giving me three empty ones to take off with the hybrid

The other hive isn’t going to bee as easy as the bees prefer to store nectar in their own wax frames in the hybrid.

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When I have unripe honey in the Fframes in early fall when it’s time to pack things down for winter, I harvest it because it makes winter storage of the Flow super easier. One time I was surprised to find that most of the uncapped honey in there was actually ripe enough to be shelf stable! I had set up this harvest to collect in batches and test moisture content for this reason. Only about a third of the honey needed to be kept in the fridge, and I fed it back to the bees over the next couple of weeks.


I do the same as @Eva, testing any uncapped honey with a refractometer. If the water content is less than 18.6%, it will keep well at room temperature. :wink:

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