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Reusing comb from varroa dead out


I’m in the process of extracting the honey stores of my colony, that died due to varroa infestation at some point in early winter. Along with capped honey, there’s a good amount of brood comb that the last batch of workers began to fill with nectar, presumably after the queen died. I’ve cut away some of it & placed in a plastic bag in the freezer, thinking that it could be helpful to a new colony this spring.

I’d like input on whether this is truly a safe and worthwhile plan, given the infestation & probability of disease. If not, I would just add it to the pile of wax to be rendered.



Varroa dead outs are perfectly OK to use again


Thank you @Dee - another related question: since I have limited freezer room, would it be OK to just reassemble the hive & leave it outdoors, with sealed openings?


I do except I don’t seal the openings. I place a fine wire mesh top and bottom for air circulation.