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Robber Bee screen for FlowHive

Is there a company that makes a Robber Bee Screen that fits on a FlowHive someone can recommend?
Thank You,

Hit the magnifying glass on the top right of your screen Bill and type in “robbing screen’ and see how you go. My apiary has hives as close as 4” apart and a bit over 35 hives at present so I have to be very active in preventing robbing happening. Once it starts it is hard to stop it happening.
The most common cause is a hive that is weaker in the apiary that become the victim. A dearth, so all the hives are out to rob each other. Or a hive that has a really bad attitude and have Africanized and in that case I would terminate the queen as a first step.
But back to your question, some here have made their own robbing screen with good results along with reducing the entrance and a screen to slow down a direct head first attack.

Not sure whether you have a 10 frame or 8 frame, but here is the one I use:

They do make an 8 frame version too, but you may have to call to ask for it. If you need to call, do it on a week day. They have a terrible answering service on the weekend and you may never get a call back. :blush:

The screen works very well :wink: