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URGENT Re:Loads of Bees made my backyard their home, what do I do? Advice & direction needed asap please so I can properly house & maintain them here?




Where in the world are you? That swarm will not stay long, so your best bet is probably to contact a local beekeeper and get their help. It will take you a while to get the equipment together to do this yourself, and the swarm would probably move on in that time. If you are very friendly to the beekeeper and offer them some compensation for their time, they may look after the bees for you until you have the equipment and knowledge to take care of them.


Thank you incredibly for responding Dawn :slight_smile: I’m in Brighton LeSands,Sydney backing onto the recreation and wetlands corridor not far from Botany Bay & the CBD.
The Bees you see in the water feature photo have been here & expanding over the past year or so,but I have incredible footage of the masses of bees in a swarm over my backyard last week which I assume are some that have stayed and are in the palm tree photo.
Re:Beekeeper-- I reached out to a beekeeper in the Eastern suburbs showing them a couple of photos and offered payment for their knowledge & assistance but they weren’t very interested in either.
I guess I was disheartened as I assumed a beekeeper would get a bit excited or be interested in the masses of bees and payment offered so I’ve just left it.

Dawn, are you in Sydney? Do you know of any beekeepers who would be interested in payment for assistance with these bees? Or have any further recommendations?

Thank you :slight_smile: Lorissa Smith


Dawns in USA !

I am also in U.S. Near Seattle. Are wanting to raise honeybees ? As Dawn mentioned … They may not stay long. So getting hold of a local beekeeper is great idea/best !

Unless you have a bee suit or handled before it best to get an expert. I’d probably dump them temperarily in a huge box that has a bunch of holes punch in it as bees would die if the get too wRm. They need air !
Local bee club phone number probably listed on the Internet …

That my best input


Try contacting Doug Purdie.

He has a beekeeping supply store in Mascot, so not far from you.

His website


I wonder if @Rodderick might have some info for you? :wink: I am in California, USA - they wouldn’t let me take your bees back home! :smile:

I am dismayed that a local beekeeper isn’t interested. Bees in Australia seem to be in short supply this year, and your nice-looking swarm could be a gold mine! :flushed:


Hi @LaLa1980,
I do have some info on a local beekeeper who can help. Doyle (Contact No. 0412 272827) He can talk the leg off a table but is a genuinely honest guy. He is a professional beekeeper and will accept payment and help you manage your bees if you like. Another option is to log your swarm on SwarmPatrol.com however they will come and take the bees away, not house them in your backyard. Do you have a hive ready to go? If not, someone like Doyle can help with that too.


Thank you for helping out, @Rodderick, I knew you would know! :blush:


Sure are, 5 frame Nucs now being ‘offered’ for sale from $250 up to $400!!! Last year $100-$175


Wow… thats insane, in NSW you can get them for $130 which is about the same price as a package.


I know, I think the $400 include a wooden nuc box & a hive tool, yippee :confused: