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Screen Bottom Board mesh size?


I was just reading a study paper on controlling SHB, and it recommended using 2mm mesh instead of the common 3mm mesh used for varroa control because many SHB can work through a 3mm mesh. Does anyone know what size mesh is used on the SBB of the Flow hive?


3.5 mm spacing in the flow’s screen.
read this: Bees between the bottom screen and the pull out board


Thanks, I thought I had seen it but the search I did failed to turn that post up. I have to say I am a little concerned about SHB getting into the hive through the SBB with the use of the 3mm mesh. SHB is apparently a serious issue here in the desert.


Well, they appear to get into hives with a solid bottom board without a problem. If you use the corflute to hold a trap (vaseline or sticky paper, etc) it may be quite helpful.


I know they will be trying to get in via the entrance and any other area large enough for them to fit, but the entire footprint of the hive is a completely indefensible amount of square footage IMO. I suppose the argument could be that if they can get in then they can also get out that way. But why make it harder for them to keep the beetles out then it has to be? They could just bypass the guard bees at the entrance and come up through the screen.


Not if you have the corflute in and duct tape across any gaps at the back.


Like a solid floor, maybe?


I like the idea of the ventilation for when it gets to be 118 F (48 C) degrees here in the middle of summer. But if I have to close it up to protect from beetles getting in that way then it seems like solid bottom might be the best way to go unless I replace the 3mm with 2mm mesh, which would cost about $50.



$50.00 ? Hope that’s for half or full roll of screen ! I bought enough for two SBBs the other day. It was less than $20.00 … And needing small amount/pieces made it pricer !! Gerald.

I used half of my piece here !


That was the best price I could find at this point for a 2x2 piece of stainless #10 (2mm) mesh. I’ll keep looking to make sure it’s the best deal I can get before I do.


Adam, you want the SHB to fall through the mesh, they enter the hive via the bees entrance and not from underneath unless I am misunderstanding this post.


If they can fit through why wouldn’t they come in that way as well? Maybe I’m just not understanding beetle behavior.


They fly in to hive the same way that the bees do. Once inside the bees force them through the mesh by harassing them. Its at this stage where they will come back up through the mesh so if you sprinkle diamataceous earth (DE) or cover a tray/board with a fluffy felt or chux wipes the beetle gets caught, should also help with varroa.


Too hard - well-defended and lots of friction, plus they are fighting an “uphill battle”, literally. It is easier to fly in through the front door. :wink:


I know this is an older post but…

Where can I get the mesh from in Australia?


I seem to recall that @sciencemaster found some. It was very expensive, but he bought quite a bit. He may be willing to sell you a “cut to size” piece from his. :wink:


Depends where you are, there is a company in Sydney called Wire Mesh Industries that sells the right size for beetle control. The minimum size is 1m x 1m but you be able to get a few other beekeepers to share it with.


Yes, I do have ss mesh and I do supply it at cost. The wires are 1 mm dia. and the spaces are 3X3mm. Message me for more details.


Bit more information about the mesh. The 3mm square spaces are the maximum recommended. The occasional bee does get through but any wider gaps will allow bees to pass. This means you need to secure the mesh all around the perimeter to stop any wires moving at the edges and opening up gaps. I use a combination of polyurethane glue and staples. I like to allow a 6 mm overlap all round for secure attachment. The 1mm dia wires are heavier than needed but made minimal difference to the price. The mesh can be cut with normal tinsnips.

A piece cut to suit an 8 frame bottom board costs about $25 from memory. (Edit: With 4 bases to cut, it might be a bit less because there would be less wastage.)


Do you recall where you got it from.