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Screened Bottom Board inspection: what is this? somehow answered


Hi there everyone,

I would like to present my “boxes” and at the same time, I would like to ask if someone out there could help me to identify what this litle hooks are.

I cleaned this bottom board for 3 days ago, and I’m intrigued what you see “out there”.

The link is this:

Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Portugal!


Well, that’s very intriguing, no idea. Hopefully one of the knowledgeable folks here will know what they.


Can we have a close up photograph please


Hi there @Dee,

I’m sorry but at the moment I don’t have any close up! I will try to get one the next time I’ll get there! :wink:


Noticed you’re quite close to various plants, looks like part of flower or seed? Hard to confirm without closer shot?


Hi there @Kirsten_Redlich,

I’m thinking you’re right. I showed the video to a friend that althought isn’t a beekeaper told me the same. So I’d be thinking and in the last days we had some windy days. So maybe it could somehow get in between the board. But like I said I will try to get a better close up next time. :wink:

Thank you everyone who saw this and maybe it could teach others too. :slight_smile:


maybe it was some flower part that got stuck to the bees and carried back into the hive?


Hi there again,

Like I said I would post a close up image.

Thanks again.


hmmmm was thinking just a smidge closer than that :wink: maybe have macro or zoom? but am pretty positive they are part of seed, or flower parts like sepal or stamen. Perhaps check out the plants/grasses around the hive & see if you can find them. If you can get closer shot MUCH closer can give more positive answer…


My experience with screened bottom board is that they’re only good to catch bee poo…


But bees don’t poo in the hive.
There is a lot of rubbish that falls to the bottom, though