Sealing inside Flow 2 Hive

Hi All. I am new to bee keeping and I have purchased a Flow 2 hive. I have sealed the outside of the hive in a water-based oil as advised. I have not sealed the inside of the hive at all but was wondering if anyone has thought of or has sealed their timber (to help protect it from any moisture) with bees wax.

Concerned the bees wax may deter new colony as it isn’t their own but it may make it more conducive to inhabit.


The bees will coat the inside as they see fit. I would not recommend doing anything to the inside.

Having some breathability in the wood and ability to transmit moisture isn’t a bad thing.

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I agree with @chau06, you don’t need to do anything to the inside. The bees will actually wax it beautifully themselves over time, so no reason for you to do it.

Having said that, waxing it shouldn’t hurt, as some people dip their hive boxes in hot wax to seal them. However, molten wax is dangerous stuff, so most people don’t do it! The other thing to remember is that wax from an unknown source (especially eBay) could be contaminated with disease or other substances and chemicals such as paraffin wax, antibiotics and even insecticides. :astonished:

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Thank you for your input. I really appreciate it. I look at timber from a building perspective and we know if we don’t seal it both sides then moisture over time warps it.

Once again appreciate your input.

Thanks Dawn.

The bees wax I have purchased was from a place in Victoria where they make blocks of wax themselves so I am fairly sure it will be OK as they are quite a well known company.

I wouldn’t be dipping it in hot wax but rather rubbing it on like you do for furniture. AKA taking the block and rubbing.

Appreciate your comments though and I have to now make a choice.


I had also thought about brushing the inside of my boxes with bees wax that I bough for making bee wax food wraps.
I was thinking of melting it and brushing the hot bees wax on the inside of the boxes.
From what I have read here it seems like the advise was to just leave the inside of the boxes plain?
Any input, thoughts and advise would be much appreciated.
I do not want to do the wrong thing by my bees (which arrive in September)
Many thanks,
Jo :honeybee:

That is what I would do, always. If you paint it inside, the bees may chew it. If you don’t coat it, the bees will, with what they prefer - their own wax. :blush:

thankyou everyone for your input

Thank you so very much Dawn.

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