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Wiping with Beeswax polish inside the hive

Since I don’t hav the facility to dip my hives in wax, I was wondering whether I can wipe the hives inside with Beeswax furniture polish like Glitz, which says it is non toxic. There must be some hydrocarbon in it I guess, but I imagine it will soon evaporate if you air it for a few weeks or months.

Please don’t do anything to the inside of your hives. The bees will do it all, and they prefer their methods to ours. Please. Please. :blush:


Yes I absolutely agree with @Dawn_SD, there’s no need to do anything to the inside of a hive.

The outside of my flow hive is painted white. The inside is wrc, unpainted & looks amazing. I’m the only one who sees that, but I don’t care.

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Great. I thought that might be the case.

My new hive is ready to swap with my old one then.


Two words: “No Way” — Bad Idea ! Never never use anything like that inside your hive ! Your introductioning a unhealthy foreign product where it diffinately don’t belong. I’m Guessing you get my drift n that of others who have been around the Beekeeping bend a few years.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover: n enjoy Beekeeping but please keep stuff out of the inner sanctum of your hives.

Cheers bro,

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