Second brood box not expanding

I live in central Ontario and I added a second deep box the 3rd week of July as the frist box was about 80% full. Within a week they had started to work on the frames ajacent to the one i moved from the bottom box. Week 2 it appears that they stopped working on those frames as well as the last 2 in the original bottom box. Bees seem very active though. Have i done something wrong here or am i just a little inpatient

It sounds as if you had enough population mass that your bees should have occupied a good portion of the second brood box by now.

Without knowing your bee forage situation, I would do a quick queen check (by that I mean finding brood in all stages…especially eggs/capped brood), reduce your hive back down to one brood box, add an extended release oxalic acid pad/towel for mite control, and if there is a nectar dearth, prepare to feed.