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Second brood box or super?

Hi, very new to beekeeping and would love some advice please…
my brood box is doing really well, plenty of bees, very active…all frames drawn, lots of brood and capping. My question is do i add a second brood box to really build up hive strength or do i add the honey super? I’m in Denmark Western Australia…good pollen around at the moment …an unsure about nectar flow only because I can’t yet work out exactly what I’m looking for in the frames that will indicate nectar!

Hi @Buckster this has been covered many times in the forum.
Go to the search box (click on the magnifying glass thingie) and type “2nd brood box” and you will get all the answers you need.
Cutting to the chase, it will be a matter of personal choice having consideration for your climate and food sources. You won’t be very wrong or right which ever way you choose.
Only other thing is hive management. If you are fit and healthy lugging 20 -30 Kg boxes won’t be an issue.

Ripple Bee Farm will be able to provide some local intelligence around nectar flow timing if that would be helpful. They’ll also be able to discuss the pros and cons locally for the 2nd Brood box in Denmark. I would think that most of them will suggest a single brood box. Most traditional people will likely use a single brood with two honey supers above a queen excluder.

Thanks very much…I’ll go hunt out the other threads

Thanks Adam…Ripple Farm are terrific. They’re suggesting second brood box…