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Selling - Flow Hive Classic - Fully Assembled - Houston, TX

$699 - I decided to go 10-frame instead of 8-frame, so need to sell off my Flow Hive Classic(8-frame). This is already fully assembled and ready for bees.

I have several hives and can supply a laying queen and bees for additional $100. Will need advance notice if you need the bees, I’ll perform a split into the flow hive classic.

Pickup only: Northwest Houston, Texas, USA - Zip(77040)

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This Flow Hive now has established honeybees and is ready for a new home. I’m lowering the price to $650.00, including the bees.

Wish I were closer but that is quite a trek for me

Do you have a picture of the Flow Hive. Send to gymbob2015@aol.com I’m your neighbor to the north, Oklahoma.

Do you still happen to have this hive for sale? I’m about a three hours drive away.

I have someone that’s wanting the hive it in 2-3 weeks, but it’s whoever shows up first gets it. Price is still $650, includes the bees, which are already established and laying queen now. Since you’re three hours away, I would recommend picking up the hive at night(7:00pm) so I can close up the hive when you arrive. This way, all the foragers are already back inside the hive. If you’d rather just have the equipment, I can transfer the bees to some empty boxes, let me know ahead of time if you want the bees or not.

The queen is a daughter from a purchased carniolan, VSH bred queen I purchased last year. Very good producer and strong hive this year(6 supers full of honey pulled this year off the hive). So, this queen is locally bred with Houston bees and the carniolan VSH.

I’m out of town over the weekend, so I will take photos and post them when I get back on Tuesday.

Send photos to shinrou78@gmail.com and we’ll see if I can setup an arrangement next weekend.

See below for the hive as it looks tonight. This was taken late afternoon(7:30) and it was a really hot day today(100F), so the bees are covering the front of the brood box. Since I just made the split a little more than a month ago and the honey flow has stopped for now, I haven’t added the flow super to the hive just yet.

Here’s photos of the assembled flow frame and flow frames:

We are very interested in your hive, is it still available?

Tonya, All,

I just sold this hive to Ryuke in the previous post.