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Selling. Flow Hive -- it has to bee done


Sorry for the pun. I’m on the central coast NSW Australia. I have an original Flow Hive with the markings that thank me for being an early investor. I have since added another brood box. I’m not ready to sell however I may have to sell my house after breaking my neck, ( long story) So the girls will need a new home.
They have been fantastic honey producers until I put the second box on. After an inspection the other day flow frames were going well. The second brood box was more honey than brood. Lots of cross comb I did not want to make a mess. This hive swarmed twice in early spring. I’m not desperate to sell however if the right person comes along It will be yours.


Hi Harry, in our climate, that is about right. I only ever operate as single brood then Flow frames and another super for just honey. This seems to work best. With a second brood, the bees will divert the energy into that box instead of the Flow. But saying that, many backyard beekeepers operate 2 brood boxes and are happy with the results.


I was afraid of swarming issues. From all the information I read it seemed to be a good idea. Not so as I said they did. If I remove the second box what is the procedure ?


That depends on how advanced they have been at laying brood in the second box, what you could do is to move the second brood box to above the Flow frames. But I would carefully inspect the frames before hand to make sure the queen is not in the box, also go through both brood chambers and move as many honey & pollen frames up top, and then capped brood (after shaking off the bees). Try not to place any frames with eggs up top as the bees may get confused and begin building queen cells. Do you have someone who can help you, a broken neck is a big deal. :unamused:


I would have a different approach. I would select the best looking brood frames to place in the bottom brood box. Any brood frames containing pollen & sealed brood, I’d place directly above the brood in the center of the box above the QX. This keeps all the brood together, nice & warm & not segregated. SHB plays a part in this strategy of mine.

The bees will work the flow frames in their own good time.


It’s official. The Original Ceder Flow hive RRP $950 with a second Brood box is for sale. It is at Tumbi Umbi.
This is an active hive so it will need to be locked up and transported correctly. So not only will you get a fully functioning hive with flow frames and original ceder box you will get a smoker a bee suit top half. An official Flow hive bee hat with veil. A tool brush and what ever I find that should go with a bee hive. It has been a great experience. I caught my first swarm. They are producing well. I check daily for beetles on the bottom board. Any way I’ll be robbing some honey tomorrow. there is two good looking frames. So If I guess correctly.
$1200 should be a steal.