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Selling Honey in UK


Rules for Honey Sales in UK



I spoke to the BBKA (The British Beekeepers Association) today. They were taking it on board that some BKA’s are not being as welcoming as they perhaps aught.

The Chap at Solihull council was helpful about registering as a small Business, Food Hygiene etc. He was quite good about it. I have an advantage in that I have a Food Hygiene Certification as I’m a trained Chef but the BBKA website has the list of details that need to appear on honey you sell.

One question I need an answer for, is the requirement about straining using down to 2mm mesh. FlowHive Honey doesn’t need straining but you can bet your bottom dollar it will come up.

Solihull said unless you are on a market store it probably won’t be a problem but putting a nylon mesh or similar over the top of the collecting jar will kill 2 birds with one stone; filter and keep other foriegn bodies out when draining.


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