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Is it legally okay for me to sell my honey as "Flow Hive Honey"?


Hey Flow Team! Thanks for all the awesome work you’re doing despite the huge demand!

My question is, if I were to sell my honey at markets and stalls etc. is it legally okay for me to label my honey as “Flow Hive Honey”? What about “Honey from a Flow Hive”? Are they both legally permitted to be advertised as such?

xx Jess


@Cedar @JedT @Jake What do you think?


You could always photograph your hive and have that as the label?


I have asked this question but not yet had an answer.


Which country are you in?
… as the answer can be different depending on where you are,
eg: in England you have to comply with the Honey (England) Regulations 2015:


Yes…I can see that in the UK you couldn’t label it Flow Hive Honey because there is no such category but you could say it was honey from a Flow Hive


@Valli it seems you have forgotten the answer that was already provided for you.
Below is the answer from our legal team.

Advertising Flow honey?

@Faroe I emailed my label but got no reply


So…Honey from a Flow Hive.


Bee, Thank you this is what I was hoping to say


Thanks Faroe! Exactly what I wanted to know, much appreciated.


By the way the email address for asking for permission is legal@honeyflow.com


If I want to put a picture of my flow hive on the label I have to get permission?


I have no idea.
I will have to ask legal.


I know it was a hypothetical question, Dee, but does this mean you are getting one???



That’s no problem.
I’ll ask them…I just thought you might know…sorry

My daughter used to live in a “trendy” part of london. She used to frequent a “trendy” Deli.
The owner read about the Flow Hive early last year, joined the scrum and has a complete hive on order (not delivered yet). His plan was to situate the bees on his Deli roof and sell the honey in the shop.In conversation with her he discovered I was a beekeeper. He seemed to discover, to his utter dismay, almost simultaneously, that there was more to getting honey from a flow hive than turning taps. I offered to take it off his hands and in exchange for some honey for a couple of years I negotiated a very good price. Hence my interest in labelling it as honey from a Flow Hive. It would make no difference to my customers but to London Chattering Classes it might.
I have paid for it…so he better come up with the goods or I’ll send “The Boys” round


Fabulous story! I am so happy that you are getting one too.




All good, no need to apologise :slight_smile: I just don’t know. I haven’t come across this question through email support, and only on this forum - so it’s all new.

That’s why I thought it best to ask the guys who take care of all this suff :slightly_smiling: (the legal department)

It will be interesting to see how the honey goes on top of the roof and in the shop. I’m sure the “fancy” customers will love it :heart_eyes:


Message from Cedar
"Honey from a Flow Hive, or Harvested from a Flow Hive, should be fine. As long as it doesn’t look like we (Flow) are selling honey."
So if you add this to Simeons letter about using Flow™ in the naming of the honey - then yes, you should be able to let customers know the honey was gathered from Flow hives on your label.


It’s amazing what people will pay
Fortnum & Mason (posh department store in Piccadilly ) have equally posh hives on their roof

They sell their own honey for £7.00 for an 8oz jar.
Strangely their website says they have gentle Black Welsh bees…hmmmm but in an article elsewhere they have said they went out of their way to “select gentle Carniolan stock that wouldn’t sting the customers” I wonder how many customers they get on their rooftops :wink: