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Selling Honey


Are you a small producer and are you allowed to sell it? If so, what do you need to do to comply with law, and where can you sell?

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You go door to door or people come to your door?


Does the flow hive make it easier to sell. We need council approved extraction areas to be able to sell in WA… getting rid of the extraction might simplify this?


I’m going to advertise as purest unfiltered or oxidated fresh honey


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Wyoming just passed this past March the Food Freedom Act, so we can now sell just about anything without extra hassles. At least this year the Dept of Agriculture and state officals are backing off from enforcement to see how things go in the Farmers Markets. Basically the stance is that as long as the end user(your consumer buyer) needs to be made aware that what you sell is homemade and they aren’t buying from you so they can resell it. However if you produce honey to sell at other outlets besides your own you do need to get a license and pack your honey in an approved kitchen.


In the UK there are labelling regulations which are no problem at all.
You don’t have to adhere to all of them if you sell direct to a purchaser but it’s easy enough to put all the legal information on all the labels. No extra paperwork that I know of.
I sell at farmers’ market and to a few local shops and cafés.


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Absolutely. You should have one anyway however and whoever you sell to. You are selling a food product after all.


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Dexter, you misunderstand me and sorry for the confusion. You are right that UK regulations let you sell small amounts direct and to shops without hygiene regulations but what I am saying is that as a food producer you should at least have the basic hygiene certificate; not by law but by conscience.
I’m glad to see you are not a member of “The Matchsticks Club” but the website is a source of some useful info.


You might be interested in this site… http://www.ripenear.me


In Texas, small producers currently may not sell honey without a commercial kitchen that has been health inspected. However, a bill has been approved and just been sent to our wonderful and amazing governor, Greg Abbott, for signature. We will be able to sell honey directly (but not in stores) without a commercial kitchen nor health inspection. There will be a limitation to 2,500 pounds yearly sold with appropriate labeling.

Given that honey is touted for it’s anti-microbial properties and does not spoil easily (if at all), a “health inspection” is downright ironic. It was a way to keep small producers out of the market and bureaucrats happy.

And, now it can go directly into a jar from the Flow …


As I explained in another thread I am waiting to see how this extraction device works out before buying one.
How quickly will a jar fill?
I presume you would have to sit next to the hive suited up as the bees would surely discover what you were doing. Not robbing them, you understand, but pouring honey for them to eat.


Why sit next to a jar suited up (or otherwise)? I would just cover the container the honey is emptying into, continue inspections on my other hives, and whisk the jar away when done.

PS actually there is a point to this, I remember when TV was first introduced to my home country in the 1970s there were people who would sit and watch the test pattern until the programming started. So yes, maybe some will sit next to the jar and watch it. It would certainly be more entertaining than a TV test pattern.


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That’s why I asked. Thank you.
That jar would do my sloe gin…off to have a look


Wow I must go to Aldi - I wondered where they get those wonderful jars from they use in the videos


@DextersShed Thank you Stephen. I went to Aldi today and got one of those drink’s dispensers - wonderful to display honey on tap from.

Kilner ones on Amazon are £21.95