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Separate flow frames

Can you just buy the Flow Hive frames to use in a traditional box hive?

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

You certainly can, and there are detailed instructions on how to modify a Langstroth deep box to fit the frames and access the mechanism. It isn’t difficult if you know how to use a jigsaw (or a hacksaw at a pinch). :blush:


As Dawn has said yes you can.


Hi there, it looks you went through a lot of effort, to make a Flow super for a nuc.

Is there any reason for that? I’m curious to know. Or do you have very tiny bees? :slight_smile:

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An observation hive for education. I take it to shows, schools and bee club meetings. It will be at a meeting next week and we’ll extract a couple of frames while we try different decappers and spin some traditional frames.

I’ve also done this.



Thanks Dawn. I do have a jigsaw and am somewhat handy so I might go that route. We are newbies up here in Vermont and looking forward to getting into the game. Just not sure if it’s worth investing in the whole expensive Flow Hive set up when the magic is really the frames and ease of extraction.

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That is amazing Adam. It must be quite a challenge to take the hives to shows, schools and meeting, with bees.