Do standard 5 frame nucs fit in Flow Hive

When buying bees for a new Flow Hive, do the standard 5 frame nucs fit in the Flow Hive. I am new to beekeeping and plan to do a lot of research over the next month in preparation for receiving bees, but need to get my order in now to receive in April. If not, could someone please guide me what is best way to purchase new bees. Thanks

Mark, the brood body of the Flow-hive fitted with standard size deep frames. Thus all 5 frame Nucs I’ve seen n purchased are also standard deep frames. Nucs frames are easily set in to any other standard 5, 8 or 10 frame deep Langstroth brood box/super ! No problem.

Here are couple pix’s of standard cardboard 5 frame Nuc box holding 5 deep frame. Also pix of two of my double/triple new Nuc hive with cardboard travel Nuc you will probably get or something very similar. Your question is a good one. I hope this answers your question .

Good luck n happy beekeeping,

If they are a standard deep langstroth frame yes they will fit in the deep brood box if you purchased the flow classic model. The flow frames come in their own special super box that allow you to access the top and bottom of the flow frames in order to harvest. If you purchased your bees in a five deep frame NUC you will have no issues transferring the frames from the NUC to your 8 or 10 frame deep brood box.

Also make sure you follow what other beekeepers do in your area with regards to the number of brood boxes. If you are in the northern part of the United States like I am you will need to have two deep brood boxes to allow the bees to store enough resources for the winter. Getting them to fill up on resources should be your focus for the first year.

The other items I would research on this site and decide what you want to do is regarding your other frames that you will add to the deep brood box. You can go with foundationless, wired wax foundation that you add to the frame, or purchase the plastic foundation frames. There are beekeepers on this forum that use each of these and ultimately it will be your decision on which ones you want to use. I have used both foundationless and wired wax foundation and both worked fine. I am going to try some plastic foundation this spring and see how that works for me. The other subject to look at is feeding. Depending on the nectar flow in your area you may need to feed at times to keep the colony building and storing resources to get them through the winter.


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I have four of these standard Nuc hive colonies coming to repopulate two die-outs, one new 8 frame hive n I’m also adding one Nuc to one of the pictured new tan color 5 frame standard Nuc hives. I going to try n keep one or so Nucs growing in my apiary for resourse like brood, Queen cells, splits n more. Keep your cardboard Nuc for catching swarms or a cheap backup hive !

Cheers n take care,

Gerald, you know I’m always in awe of your setups. Love the triple nucs. What’s the uppermost top box? Feeder? Quilt?

And: I see you have an ulster style observation Nuc. How is it overwintering? I wouldn’t have thought the single top observation frame would make it!


I think most of the replies above assume you are based in the US. I would guess you are actually in the UK or Ireland and you are referring to British Standard frames. If so, I answered your question on the other thread where you asked:

It really helps us give relevant advice if you can complete the Location part of your profile. Please and thank you! :blush:


Morning my friend,

Alas ! These Nuc hives n observer hive are all empty. The Obs hive I purchased second hand last summer n made repairs n refurbished. Those Nuc hives I’ve just finished n are all waiting for bees.

I have four Nucss scheduled to arrive sometime near mid-April (hoping as I’m first on my suppliers list). I lost two very large healthy colonies last fall because of inexperience n delay of treating for mites. This is a lesson worth learning but try not to repeat. As I use the old phrase, “it’s a learning curse !”

I’ve successfully wintered over 3 additional hives so I’m ecstatic about this accomplishment. Two of the Nucs will be used to repopulate the two die-outs, one Nuc will go into a brand new 8 frame cedar hive n the last Nuc will go into one of the lucky newly built double or triple deep Nucs. I always trying to be one step ahead in my apiary (hopefully). The other two New Nucs are in waiting for uses like swarm retrieval, splits n just plain rearing extra bee colony to have resources n flexibility in my beeyard should I need new queen cells. extra brood frames , or whatever I need. I hope to winter over at least two if not 3 Nucs for Early Spring 2018 needs. But not counting my chickens before they are hatched you might say.

. Yesterday I did my second early mite drop count check to make sure those sneaky little mite critters aren’t getting ahead of me this new season.

That’s about it … I’ve got one more cedar 8 frame hive yet to build in the next couple day. It will have side Obs windows (one on each side) so I can show visitors the inner workings of a working hive without lifting a lid n disturbing my colony. So both the brood box n supers will have Obs windows. Sounds cool n helpful for me to teach beekeeping with. At least that’s plan is buzzing thru my gray matter. I love sharing n teaching what I have learned n know.

Got to buzzzzz :honeybee: out of here now my friend. I have cooking n more housework to accomplish before end of day. I’d like to have a kicked back weekend if possible.

Take care n stay in touch !

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Happy Fruday my friend ! Hope you had a great week. Been busy making more Nucs n beekeeping projects as the furnace business in February n now March sucks (nothing to do) ! Oh well … The taste of retirement I guess but I do like a few extra $$'s for pet projects like woodworking n beekeeping.

Your correct ! I was thinking he was State-side. I tried checking his profile but void of useful location info … Thus my answer ! Guessing as mom use to say, " Assumption is the mother of most screw-ups ! " :smile::exclamation:

Got to get back to my “Honeydo List”. Take care n have a great Friday n weekend ! Maybe another chilly weekend here with possible foothill Snow Warning. My flowers are going to need heavy coats n snowshoes ! :grin:


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Hi Jerry, our week has been very nice - skiing in Park City, Utah for the past couple of days, so now I remember what snow looks like! I have to say it is nice being able to monitor our bees remotely using the Arnia system. We have had a lot of rain in San Diego recently, but it doesn’t look like there is a significant nectar flow yet. In fact, if it doesn’t pick up by next week, we will probably have to feed, as the hive weight is dropping relentlessly. :hushed:

Glad you were able to check out some white stuff up close n personal. Necer did get tuned into sliding down slopes on two sticks at high speed. My speed was a pair of web-footed snowshoes. :grinning:.

Yah it is neat being able to peek in on our bees remotely. Love your system (maybe someday) but for now our local research group at Green River College found a new beta monitor (bear-bones) by a local bee techie for $300 per unit n does the trick currently for the colleges research needs of locally wintering over colonies in Western Washington n foothills plus info to help deal with those mute critters. I was offered one at bottom beginner price so jumped on it … It gives me temps, humidity, weight n battery charge. It ain’t fancy but works. Hope hold up for several years plus !


Staying chilly up here but Spring buds are still trying. Everything seems to be more than 10 to 14 days behind 2916 season. I’ve been adding winter supplement patties since early December. I’ve currently changed over to 1/2 n 1/2 winter/pollen patties so queen n brood ramps up some n ready for our first nectar supply next week or so now. If it warms up more the large lead maple foraging should be right behind.

Building one more Beethinking Cedar hive with double Obs windows.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend young lady…

Cheers n Happiness,

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Buy a 5 frame nucleus colony on deep frames and they will fit just fine.

I guess you will be in the 70 hr Plus group this week.
Me, I think I’ll go sit and watch the bees and plan how to avoid getting any where near 70 +hrs this week. Mind you, I am on track for record low hours this week and I have not even tried. :sunglasses:


Congrats ! :balloon: not sure how this semi-retirement got out of hand up here ! My Sweetheart has muscular dystrophy so my first 40 are usually caring for her, washing, cooking, dishes n more … Not complaining any … Nobody listening a anyway.

I am n was self-employed repairing home heating equipment. I still do a couple jobs a week for pocket $$$'s. Back a bunch of years ago when I was employed by local natural gas company employee our retirement were switch over to stock account. The head dude (Enron company) took investors n that companies employees to the proverbial cleaners. He got big jail time but didn’t repay any of us. So basic 3/4’s of my retirement funds Gone With The Wind ! We do pay our bills with Social Security n a few extra nickels/coins thus if we need anything extra I need to still work thus the 70 hour week bro ! :grinning::+1:

My bees, chickens, small woodshop n garden give me a bit of distraction n relaxation.

Cheers n have a great :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: watching weekend bro ! Pouring up here this late afternoon. Guess another Wx front moving ashore off the Northern Pacific … :dash::umbrella::dash:



Thanks for all the responses. Regarding locale, I am in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am looking at buying my bees from Miller Bee Supplies in North Wilkesboro, NC if anyone has any knowledge of them. I appreciate all the feedback.
Best, Mark

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Good to hear all is moving ahead over on the East Coast. Spring is hard pressed to fight its way out of winter. NOAA is still forecasting a bit of cold n unstable air with possible lowland :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: Snow. I live in the Puget Sound eastern foothill above 500’ elevation so my bees n I could still need our long johns ! :grinning:.

(ice on hives this morning)

I really looking forward to inspecting my three wintered over colonies but not yet. Peeked other day when it got up to 45 dgs n had to pop in couple more food patties. Still no real foraging blooms but the plants n trees are on the edge even with the COLD.

. (Few Spring buds trying )… :tulip::cherry_blossom::tulip:

If you are like me … I’m full of antispation n excitement. You have plenty of time to prep your hive n equipment … Practice a few “Dry-Runs” that way you know you have everything you need n what happens when. Watch a couple good You-tube vids in introducing a Nuc to your hive. It really isn’t difficult n soon you’ll be bragging … Wow ! That was pretty EASY just like us. Just go slow n by the numbers ! Maybe you could find some older Bee Dude to help but really not necessary ! I’d only done "packaged bees in the old days (1950’s n 60’s or swarms). I found my list, practice n prep made it a “piece of cake” !

Well bro ! Take a breather … Your in the starting blocks of thus race … Look down the track to the finish line (getting hive to Autumn safe n sound) but remember every race has a lot of steps between the start n that line down yonder !

Good luck Mark … You’re the MAN ! Success is in the wind … Any questions … Give the forum or mentor a jingle … There’s always a few bumps along the way.

Cheers n have a great weekend,

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Gawd, I’ve never met such a great cheerleader as you are Gerald. Even just reading what you have to say to a newbee cheers me on.
Thanks for being you and here, with all the good and not, right or not or opinion. You truly make a difference, just by your attitude.
Blessings to you and yours Sir.

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That helps a HUGE amount! :blush: OK, ignore all the stuff I wrote about British Standard frames - not relevant to you at all. If you buy a 5 frame nucleus in the US, more than 95% of the time it will come on Langstroth Deep frames, which is exactly what you need for a Flow hive. When you order, I would just check that they are not mediums, which is the other size. Having said that, nuclei on mediums are pretty rare, especially from a bee supply company.

I have heard of Miller Bee Supply, but I have no personal experience. If you go with them, please let us know what you think. :wink:

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Cheers Weber !

It nice to hear from you. Guess I’ll have to bush up on my Assie geography ! Sub-tropical … My bees would really LOVE your spot … Suppose to give us a few snow flurries tonight later. It’s slid below 5 dgs now outside. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Our flowers are trying but not sure whether to bloom or put on long Johns underwear. At least I have a few more days or weeks until the hives really start rocking n popping ! Looking at my one hive monitor I know the Queen is reving up as the internal temps inside is about 90 dgs plus ( great brood reating temps)…

Today I built/assembled a garden style roof for one of my new Cedar 8 framers. I’m going use my wintered over 5frame Nuc in that new hive. Do you have plans for a second hive or more ? Not sure what happened … I started with three n next thing I know they were five ! :smiley:

. Do you have any pix’s of your special beeyard. I love seeing other places in the world. Can’t travel because I’m caring for my wife with muscular dystrophy … So I travel thru others pix’s they share.

Are you going to be able to harvest this season? I lost two hives to varroa mites ( you don’t have those yet) n they’re are nasty killers. We didn’t have mites when I was a teen beekeeper back in the 1950’s n 60’s. I’m learning a lot of new stuff my first year back. It’s a crazy new bee world. I’m not discouraged. At least I was able to harvest 2 gallons of honey I hadn’t planned n this season my new “Girls” will be blessed with lots of drawn comb. :+1:.

Wow ! Sorry ! I’m just a babbler month ! I started to just say Hello n now I’ve written a book. :wink:. Got to buzzzz out of here :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:… Have a great Sunday what’s left of it Down Under !

Cheers n happy beekeeping !


Hi again Dawn !

Did couple things today. Got Vera’s some flowers n planted so she can sit by our slider back door n enjoy the flowers. And I’ve been building a garden type roof too. Busy day n possible snow coming in with flurries overnight.

Hi Gerald,
Got 3 flow hives now, 2 occupied. Will have to try to upload some pics, so you can be with us in the subtropics in Oz. Our satellite internet is sooo slow on upload, I give up before done.
My apiary is still in the making, my first hive is near our big fish dam by my veggie garden. Bit humid there, but perfect for veggies and well protected from winds. That hive has an extra roof above, which means I can’t go higher than 3 boxes. Which is ok, since here we only need one brood box.
For the other 2 hives my husband cleared some land, it still looks gravelly. Also thinking of some kind of roof, coz it gets so very hot at times. That place gets the sea breeze and is somewhat more exposed. Getting ideas for planting and screening towards the South and West, in winter it’s where the cold comes from.
Yes, so much to look out for for the rest of the World with those varroa. Heard you guys lose most hives in winter. Hope the bees will learn over time to throw them out. If varroa comes to Oz, we have learned a lot from you guys in terms of management.
Harvested my 3rd flow frame yesterday, 3.43kg! My best honey yet, buttery with a caramel taste. I just harvest one frame per week now. The other frames look full and mostly capped too, including the ones already harvested. Must have a good honey flow on, so added a half deep super with foundationless frames for some clean white honey comb. Certainly enough bees there, started with a nuc end November, just over 3 months ago. Yes, your bees would love it here. But they ain’t get a visa.
There, now I wrote you a book too.
Soon I try for those pics. Enjoying your pics in the meantime.

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