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Show a pic of your setup


You wouldn’t be feeding with the Flow super filling up, would you? :hushed: :wink:


I wonder if sugar syrup tastes better out of the flow frame vs the extractor? lol


@Semaphore - what is the strange shaped tall boxlike thing that looks like it is your third box up from the bottom in your second picture?


That is a single frame observation box of my own design- it’s based on what they call an ‘ulster’ observation hive- here you can see the view:


That’s my water ‘feeder’- bees love it - they go through a bottle of water a week.
The time they save visiting external water sources is put to good use- as you can see​:slight_smile:️:honeybee::smirk:


Hi All, Newbee setup in Adelaide, have done a beginners course a couple of years ago. Waiting on a nuc from Kangaroo Island, hopefully we have a long autumn and mild winter.

My Flow Hive (no bees) :disappointed:

Entrance facing East, wall and trees provide shelter from prevailing South-West winds.

Hive stand and ant barrier, darker photo is finished stand in tung oil.
Green grating to take screened base board and allow hive debris to drop out if I remove the core flute base board, hopefully act as a draft reducer also.

Water supply to the left of the hive.


Love the tidy landscaping, beautiful. Urban situation?


Phew, that’s OK then! :smile: :heart_eyes: Wouldn’t want any new beekeepers to think it is OK to feed syrup with a super on the hive… :fearful:


Hi Anthony

Set-up looks great!

Just a quick question - Will your bee entrance be facing the garden or to the opposite of what’s shown in the picture?



@Webclan Thanks for your kind words, yes Urban in seaside suburb of Semaphore, not far from Beek @Semaphore .

Welcome anytime @Cowgirl , we had a wet summer, normally this time of year everything is scorched brown by 40 C (105 F) temps over January & February.

Thanks @aaron_y the entrance faces East as per the first photo . Here are a couple of photos from behind the hive, house and shed will hopefully be their flight path guide. The bees will be Apis mellifera ligustica (Pure Italians from Kangaroo Island) hopefully gentle and not give us grief in the yard. I do have a area at side of house by the rainwater tank if the hive is troublesome, but it looks nice from the patio, time will tell, I may have to :runner: away :grin:.


You got a real neat tidy set up there. The hive just gives it new life and another focal point. A great example of what can be done with a few square meters. Now for the queen’s mob to move in.


Hi- actually I’m in prospect- and my names jack. I know it’s confusing but I took over my mums flow forum account- she’s Michelle from semaphore… she always lurking in the background…:ghost:

Anyhow I’m surprised your garden is at the beach my guess was the hills.

I can say mums hive has flourished at semaphore- it was installed in Jan 2016 and to date she’s harvested 51 kgs of honey. One thing we noted is her honey is a little thinner than what I get in prospect- I think it might be the salt air? Whilst it tends to be thinner- it has a unique flavor- very distinctive and good. Your hive should do well!

Here’s a pic of mums award winning honey from the royal show:


Looks great, Anthony!

Will there be enough space for inspections and harvesting later on?

Facing them to the opposite side will not be an issue. Mine faces the fence, about 12 inches from it



Hi Jack and Michelle @Semaphore , well done at the Royal show. I will try to catch up over weekend and get some tips, looking for some mentors.:slight_smile:

Thanks @aaron_y OK will keep that in mind if it becomes an issue.


II would like to show a pic of my flow hive all painted and ready to go how do you post a picture?


@HoneybeeLove Click on the highlighted icon above box you type in see below.
Click on “Browse” and navigate to where you stored the photos, then select photo and click "upload’



I tried uploading a picture and all I get is a bunch of numbers. I thought I was able to copy and paste the picture but instead it was a text message I had sent earlier! Thank you for your quick response I will keep working on it :ok_hand:


I’m no computer expert but…could you email yourself the photo and drag it across to your post?


This is what happens when I try to show a photo from my iPhone.What am I doing wrong?