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New to the Forum? Introduce yourself!


Letting everyone know a little about yourself and your beekeeping experience will help others respond with information appropriate to your needs.


Hi I am yet to be a beekeeper myself but hopefully this natty thang will speed me along the path.


Hey, I am a relatively new beekeeper and active member of a Sydney beekeeping club and facebook group (OzUrbanBeeBuffs). I have several hives in my Sydney suburban backyard with a few different types of honey and native bees. I like to keep abreast of all things bees as well as keeping a small flock of chickens and several veggie plots to feed a growing family. I have some Flow Frames on order and am looking forward to the build and adapt process of fitting the new frames into my existing hives. Cheers Rod


Hi I’m a beekeeper of 5 years and on the Flow team, I have 8 Top Bar Hives and 2 Langs (and one trial Flow Light hive) near Mullumbimby NSW Australia. I have 9 chickens and a 2 kids on a rural block with my lovely wife.

My latest plan is to convert a Top Bar Hive with a Flow super, will keep you posted!


Greetings from Central Wyoming!

I was part of a smaller, commercial outfit about 30 years ago. 2 of us ran 100 or so hives in Northern Colorado in 5 different yards. Well, i got older, got a family - got busy and have left bees for way too long. Now that the family is launched, the career is established and I not only have time and space, the desire to get re-acquainted with my old friends has returned with a vengeance. But, this time for fun. A hobbyists, “Cadillac Style”, with all the niceties and extras they and I could possibly enjoy. Won’t be a ‘money maker’ by any means! But, my friends and I will be back together, again. See where it goes from there.


Sounds like fun BeeDude!


Installed 2 new packages of Carnis yesterday! Once again, I’m a keeper of bees.

Amazing the anxiety and joy that surrounds such a simple procedure.

Next, I’ll be moving the Web cam and IR light system to the yard so I can watch 'em going about their business while I’m at work.


Hello Bee friends​:honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::honeybee: I have been watching over my honey bees for 7 years now and am completely obsessed with them. If you don’t have bees yet…you will understand later :slight_smile: I over wintered 1 strong hive and split it into 3, caught 1 swarm, and brought in a nuc for fresh genetics. So in 1 month my apiary grew from 1 hive to 5. I am in the Eastern USA


I got started in beekeeping primarily due to the appeal of the Flow Hive. After seeing one of the early promotional videos the prospect of keeping bees, and especially harvesting, seemed much less daunting. I spent about a month reading everything I could about bees. It helps that my brother is a beekeeper in California.

I set up my first two hives and installed packages in early April, so as to be ready to harvest in spring 2016. (Provided the hives survive through winter). If the hives flourish, I might get the joy of harvesting the old-fashioned way this year. So far, I am thoroughly enjoying watching and working with the bees. I have to force myself to stay out of the hives. I am already encountering problems, but thanks
to Beesource.com and other wise counsel, I am learning. I hope to learn more here on Honeyflow.com. Anyway, I am glad that the Andersons spent the time and effort to bring this innovation to beekeeping. I probably wouldn’t be involved otherwise.

Chris in Richmond, VA


Welcome Chris! I too have a big problem staying out of my hives. Now that I have 5 set up I alternate inspections to give the girls a break. As a new beek you learn much by inspecting your hives every 1-2 weeks to become familiar with their life cycles and to just let them teach you. I read books for a year before I set up my first hive. Not one of my bees read the same books as they are not following anything that I read they were supposed to do😂
If you have any questions, ask away, but remember: “If you ask 10 beekeepers the same question you will get 12 different answers.”


hi my name is deb one day i hope to become a bee keeper i know it will be hard job so that is why i am here first to see what i can learn. i’m sure it takes alot more then just the love of honey to become a bee keeper lol but with the help of one of your bee hives at least i might be able to enjoy my own healthly honey my honey will have a spiritual meaning also because i will be blessing my bees every day which might sound corney to some people but just my way of life. Love & Light to All Deb


Welcome Deb! Is there a beekeeper’s club near you? Joining this group is an excellent first choice but hands on experience next to a beekeeper is invaluable. You would make that close connection with bees that lasts a lifetime☺️


I too am a new beekeeper who became interested because of the flow hive.
I purchased the flow full (6 frames) and the box.
I just installed my first package in a purchased top bar hive and am about to install my second package in a self built top bar hive.
Once I get my frames I am going to build a third top bar hive that I plan to put the flow ‘super’ on top of.

having a ton of fun and my first hive is a week old and they are drawing a bunch of comb and I found EGGS!!!


Hey Davo here we are really looking forward to getting involved in the bee keeping industry our dream is to both Australian Native bees and European bees.


I continue to be amazed at the great community that has sprung up so quickly around our Flow Hive invention. I look forward to learning and sharing all things bees with you all.


Hi, I’m Stu co-inventor of Flow. I hope this forum helps all of us learn and share more about bees and how to care for them.


Hi, I am David. I have had bees for 40 years and am a full time commercial beekeeper in Victoria (Australia). For nine months of the year I manage my 350 hives throughout the state and during the remaining three months I travel and consult overseas. I have just come back from Rwanda (South Africa) and now heading to Cambodia. I have my own apiary in The Philippines and am familiar with African Bee, Asian Bee and Apis mellifera mellifera. Although the Flow Hive would not be suitable for my commercial use, like most in our industry, anything that affects the way we manage our bees or bee health is important. I have joined this forum to keep up to date with ideas, successes or downfalls with the new Flow Hive.


Hello everyone. Thomas here in the U.S. We’re buying a house/land in December and look forward to starting our new chapter with the added family of a hive. We’ll need them for our garden and fruit trees, I’m sure. Any advice four handling a hive in 100F - 15F temps would be welcome, since that’s how wide a range we get here. I’ll do my best to offer some tips on my specialties as well.


Hi there - very new to beekeeping and was exploring getting hives when the Ingogo campaign came up. I have a friend who knows the creators so jumped on board.

I’m on the NSW Central Coast and part of the Narara EcoVillage where a few of our members have purchased hives. Looking forward to getting them onto the land, getting the honey and of course supporting the ecosystem that bee’s form a major part of!

aka @GeekGardenCook


Hi, I’m Siobhan, we got our first hive just a few weeks ago in Canberra and already we are obsessed with them, we spend a fair amount of time in the sun just watching our girls work! We installed our hive just as flow was launched so we are excited to have our first super be a flow hive. I can see many more hives in our future. They are such a lovely addition to the yard. Cheers.