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Sixty degrees and first inspection of 2017


Hello all,

Well it was supposed to be in the fifties today but I looked at the temp gauge around 2:30 and it was 63 degrees. So I grabbed my son and we geared up and went to take a look. The first hive was the one that was not as strong as I would have liked going into the winter but the cluster covered three to four frames. They still have almost two full frames of honey left and small patches on two-three other frames. I saw the queen in the hive but didn’t see any eggs or larvae.

My second hive is the strong colony that I got some honey off of last year. This hive is still busting with bees. The first two frames I pulled were completely full of capped honey. The next frame had a little honey and open cells. No eggs. The next frame I pulled had the queen on it and both eggs and larvae. At this point the wind started picking up so I decided that was enough for today. Its still March and I didn’t want to push my luck, but I am glad where they both are at this point. Going to need to keep an eye on the strong hive. The plan was always to do a split with this hive. Time will tell. I am working on the video right now. Will post a link once I have it finished.

Here’s the link : https://youtu.be/pWcFzXOndQ8


Yep. 68 degrees right now. Forecast had it in the mid to high fifties all this week, but we are obviously beating that.