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Slatted Rack + Beetle Baffle


So I purchased a slatted rack and the beetle Baffle. Now how do you recommend I put them on, I know the Slatted Rack goes above the Screened Bottom Board. Should I put the beetle Baffle on top of the slatted Rack or below it on top of the Screened Bottom Board?

Also, I have a screened bottom board, should I put the cardboard insert or leave it out.



I have never used a beetle baffle, could you provide a link to the one you have, and i can see what I can find out for you? The slatted rack should go on top of the bottom board, below the lowest brood box, as you correctly described.


It’s a metal strip that goes on top of the baseboard so it’s not possible for the beetles to climb up the sides.


In that case, I would definitely put it on top of the bottom board and underneath the slatted rack. That way they can’t get get back up through the screen. As for the slider, I would replace it with a beetle trap of oil or similar, otherwise beetles can just fly in through the mesh from underneath the hive. You could also use Cedar’s idea of the rough side of a plastic picnic tablecloth, which helps entangle beetle legs. Fix it to the slider and put it in the lower slot of the bottom board.


Good idea i am trying to protect my two hives so they survive the winter. I will add that trick to. I didn’t have any beetles, but I made the mistake to feed them a to large Patty and that attracted the bottle.

Should I leave the screened bottom board without the slider? Winters are cold, but I have the slatted racks. Also I have the bee cubby insulation to wrap around the hive.


I don’t know what Ed (@Red_Hot_Chilipepper) would advise, as he is in your climate and has 50+ hives most of the time, but I would say definitely not. Even with the slatted racks, the bees can get a huge draft by convection up through the SBB in winter when the heat gradient is very steep. Hives are a bit like a chimney, and Ed is an expert on those! :smile:


I’ll have to do some testing first:
I’ll raise my house off the ground a few feet, cut the floor out of it so I can see the ground below, install a screen to walk on and then put a slatted rack on top of the screen.
I’ll report back when I get the next month’s energy bill but I’m thinking cooling/heating efficiency is going to take a major hit :wink:


LOL true I’ll keep it uncovered in the summer, but i will put it on when it gets colder. Ed when do you start to winterize?


I start to winterize in late July/early August.