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I'm back and I bet you didn't even miss me


After pottering around Europe for 3 months or so, I am now back home but not yet peaked very far into the hive. Not worried as I know they can look after themselves.

It has just been too cold, wet and windy and looks like another week of it on the way.
I had a quick look in the top one morning when a bit of sun peeked through and the was wind calm. There was plenty of activity and bees so I am guessing they are doing OK. Did not take out any frames for fear of cooling the hive down too much.
Unfortunately the top board had big pools of condensation so I am venting the roof and altering the insulation. Haven’t quite mastered the air flow stuff yet but have moved the fibre board down to the lower slot after reading the latest posts.

In the next week or so when I get on top of the 3 months of yard work, I am going to make and put in a slatted rack. I may even dispense with the fibre board altogether then. Will keep you posted on the condition of the hive when opportune to do so.

Anyway I have a lot of reading to catch up on.



Welcome back, @busso!

What do you mean, didn’t miss you? I cried every day… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love my slatted racks, and I think the bees do too. It has been very warm here, and the only time I have seen bearding is when we have inspected the hive. I think the rack significantly improves ventilation. Our Arnia hive monitor shows the bees keeping the hive humidity pretty constant at 40%, even though the outside humidity has been 50 to 80% with outside temperatures up into the 30s (Celsius).

I think the slatted rack helps a lot with this. :smile:


Never came to see me!? :wink:

I Love Slatted racks as well - given them to my Moonstone and Crystal


Is that a slatted rack and a solid floor?


My Flow hive has the Flow SBB, as it was the complete kit. However, I am not a great believer in the IPM story, and I was very concerned that the mesh is big enough for small bees to get through it, especially if the weave was displaced. I did my best to straighten the wires, but I still don’t trust it. With that in mind, I have kept the corflute slider in the upper slot all of the time, which effectively makes it a solid bottom. Of interest to me, the bees actually keep the slider extremely clean - no cappings, moth poo or other debris on it.

So the hive has a blocked off screened bottom board with a slatted rack. :blush:


busso is definitely smiling. (I’m very emotional also :blush:)

I am steadily gearing up for some projects, with the slatted rack (cross wise) first cab off the ranks. The design measurements have come off the web with a mm here or there adjustment to fit my hive exactly. When thats out the way I’ll get on with others. [quote=“Dawn_SD, post:2, topic:8246”]
Arnia hive monitor

Spent all my, sorry our money, touring so that is a couple of years down the track.

Good to be home though,


I would have @Valli , but I told the tax man Europe and with Brexit I wasn’t sure if I could go there. :wink:


Slatted rack and will leave the mesh floor in place under it.


I’m asking because in another thread it was suggested that bees cannot ventilate a hive effectively if there is a screened bottom board


I still believe that. :wink:

I don’t think I will buy any more Screened Bottom Boards, but I can live with the Flow design, especially as in the upper position the slider effectively makes it a solid board.



I have screened SBB board on all my hives including my 5 frame New Nuc hive. All my inner boards are in upper position… I like them more for a quick peek in the basement … Sure helps me read the girls better !

Here I am checking my SBBoards today. Saw some little wiggles, no adult moths, sugar ants, wax scales, pollen, etc …

. Sure a great tool to keeping my hives safe n healthy !

Ta ta,