New Flow Hive 8 Frame Cedar - is this roof sitting correctly?

I have 4 original Flow Hives and 2 of the new Cedar 6 frame (8 frame lang) style. The cedar ones roof is sitting right on top of the triangle wood piece at the back of the flow hive instead of a bit above it so when I attempt to swivel the triangle piece I have to raise the roof. That seems like I’m missing something— anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I do have the inside cover In between the roof and the top flow frame box so I’m not sure what is wrong.

Roof n inner cover (crown bỉad) look perfect too me. The high back edge help give you access to the top frame access area for operating the Flow-Frames in place. Good job :+1:!


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Hey Tim, I understand from your pics that the roof is sitting too low on the Super box. Have you got the crown board in place sitting on top of the Super? Was there actually crown boards supplied in the order? As the roof sits in the pic I can’t see how you could remove the end-top piece giving you key access to open the frame for extracting the honey without removing the roof.
Cheers, Peter

Agree with Peter, your top board with the plug and hole is missing, fit that and it will raise the roof slightly

The top board with plug is in position. Thats why I’m concerned.

Hi Tim, sorry I didn’t read your post correctly but something is wrong with your set up.
The lid should sit parallel with the window cut outs and your lid is too low at the front …do you have the timber insert in place ? that’s the piece of timber that covers the key slots
Check with your assembly instructions that you have the roof side panels on correctly, I think you do

So if you have the top boards in place then the error is in the assembly somehow. The roofs are definitely too low. And that will prevent you using the hives to their full benefit. Tim, any chance of you looking at another flow hive in your area? Did your top board have the timber edging or is just a flat board? I keep coming back to the issue being the top board. If you are ok with tools you could make a ‘raiser’ out of timber to lift the roof up off the Super. An interesting problem Tim.
Cheers Peter

It might be a silly answer but do you have the roof on back to front?

I have the same problem if I put the roof on the wrong way.

You mean like the 2 Flow Hives right next to it in the pictures in the original post Peter?
Are The roofs interchangeable Tim?

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I took the 2 center hives are the ones that have the roofs too low, and so the hive on the far end maybe be a Flow Hive V1 and the closer hive is a Langstroth. At least the furthest hive at least has the room for the knobs to be fitted on the ‘key cover’ where on the center hives the key cover is hidden under the roof. Are you seeing something I haven’t seen Skeggs?
Cheers, Peter

Hi again Tim,
Just had a closer look at your photos and noticed that the rear panel on your flow super has 3 screws in the rear face 6 in total …my photo of the assembly instructions show only 2 screws 4 in total…have you fitted an extra screw or are the super side window panels fitted the wrong way round ?

It’s just extra screw. The top inside cover board and plug are in place. I haven’t found an answer yet to the problem. It is assembled per instructions and similar to the other two flow hives. The roof is not interchangeable with the originals as the cedar boxes are more narrow as they fit 6 flow frames and the originals fit 8.


I just wonder if some “rests” are missing from inside the roof. A kind of rim of wood to hold the roof up. Perhaps if you could post photos of the inside of the roof here, we could help. Or maybe @Faroe or @KieranPI already know the answer. :blush:


If you could take the roof off for us to see the top cover that would help assuming you have the hole covered. I can see the angle on all the rooves including the original flowhive are leaning backwards.
That happens when the roof is not dropped down horizontally and the front edge then doesn’t sit over the top cover and instead sits on top of it. It looks like your original flow hive is doing that in the picture also.

I would take a photo of the roof as it sitting on the super, and a photo of the inside of the roof, and send it to Flow. They are very helpful and will reply back within 24hours.

My flow hives are version 1, and the roof can only be assembled the correct way, with nothing to fix to the inside.

Hi Tim,

It would be good to get a pic, showing the rear of both Flow Hive 2’s side by side. From the pictures the roof frame is sitting too low, as it is covering up the Key Access Cover, which should be removable without taking the roof off.

Can you please send through a picture of the inside of the roof? I worry that the side rails might not be effectively resting atop the inner cover below.

You can contact so we can organise any replacement components you might need.


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Thank you all- it was my error for sure. For the two new cedar flow hive units I forgot the top inside cover. I added them today and all is well again.


A good one Tim :grinning: I bet you won’t forget that for a while. We will be here to keep reminding you. Humor as-side thanks for posting the up-date, a lesser man would have not done that and left us wondering.
Cheers, Peter

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