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Snow plowing a take off and landing for the bees


Two feet of snow. My first experience with hives and lots of snow. My mentor said to let the snow fall all day. Clear a path at the end. So I did.


Looks good. The one thing I will say is it will provide some good insulation, although the wind out here makes the drift hard as a rock then when it melts its a huge ice block. I will say that having an entrance at the top is a good thing too. The one hive is not using the bottom entrance hardly at all now plus when the bottom entrance gets covered up with snow it still gives them a place to go out if they need too!

Good news, it was 63 degrees at my house yesterday so the snow you got probably isn’t going to last long. I know my sister said she got close to 14" where she lives near Allentown.


We were lucky. We got snow on n around the hives several times this winter. Only clogged the entrance once or twice. I have a top entrance too so my bees had access to the outside world all the time. We only got 8 to 10" of white once. The rest were only couple inches or less.

Glad Spring is just around the corner.