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So I found a great natural indicator that the dearth is on


Once I started having to frequently fill my hummingbird feeder!

Over the last 3 weeks the hummingbirds have been simply voracious. Not much forage for them at present.


I just received back my pollen analysis for my honey, the overall pollen content was low. The initial thought by the analysis was I potentially filtered my honey too much. As we’ve seen I do not filter at all.

The other thought by the analysis was that they potentially were getting sugar water from hummingbird feeders.

The pollen they found was crêpe myrtle, poison ivy, Sunflower, Hackberry, honeysuckle sage, magnolia, rose family, a little bit of clove, a little tallow tree, pickly ash

Those were the primary pollen sources.

I’m replacing all my hummingbird feeders with those that will potentially keep peace out of them, i.e. the ones with a little yellow screen over them preventing squirrels and/or other animals from getting their beak or tongue into the nectar/sugar water

Let’s see if that works for next harvest


some examples of that I am talking about

with out gards


Looks like your bees are guilty of some “sweet larceny” as well! :smile:


LOL LOL vary good :slight_smile:

BTW these photo are from the internet not my YARD


Ohhhh!!! Phew! :blush: