Bees Are In Da Flow

I hope they are going to make me some honey now. With the queen not in that Flow Super I don’t know why they would be in there so much if they were not about to fill with nectar.

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They will, I’m quite sure. That’s what it looked like two weeks ago in my flow super:

A little later:

And I found this during my last check:

I didn’t check today, although it would have been routine check day. But we have nasty weather and thus nasty bees. Had to steal some brood frames for queen check /requeening my other hives - and it was really bad! They attacked me in clouds and I got stung several times despite heavy duty armor…Had to flee three times to let them settle at least a bit, before I got everything done and reassembled…


Hi @Chet_Calhoun, glad to see the bees!
There’s a dearth on right now in our part of Georgia. On top if that, we’re behind on rain.
This is gonna sound harsh but facts are facts. The bees won’t be making you any honey.

my bees love me so much I haven’t been stung in a week or more so I’m holding out for some honey. just kidding. it’s fun to watch em though.

I am fighting it though Bobby, I found 10 lbs of buckwheat for 1 buck a lb and planted a big spot a few days ago and will be planting it all morning till it’s gone. It might have time to bloom, we’ll see. better than doing nutin.

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