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Nucs for sale Goldcoast

I will have a fair few nucs ready to go in the next couple of weeks for anyone interested.

This first lot of nucs will be Caucasian x queens.

$250 5 frame nucs in a corflute box. I will mark the queens for you.

I won’t let them go early so once they are available i can contact anyone who has put forward interest.

Make sure you have all your DPI in order and join a local club to help you with your bee journey.


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Hi John,
I have just set up my first Flow Hive and am ready to get some bees.
I would love to be marked down for a NUC please?
My only issue is I am just over the border in Cabarita, so I’m not sure if you would be okay with me heading across to collect (given border restrictions)? I could say it is just for work.
I will register for my DPI which I have not yet done, and will keep researching and learning how to be an apiarist before I collect. :slight_smile: Hopefully I can learn from you too.


Sorry for the late reply. I will definitely have one ready to go once everything opens up. i dodnt have a good catch with the queens so that has pushed me back 2 weeks but as soon as i have some available with good laying queens i can give you a message. fingers crossed we can get across the border

Hi John,

Just wondering how things were tracking?
I have a friend who can collect from you and deliver across the border if need be.