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Brisbane: Established Eight Frame Nucs

I have two Eight Frame boxes from a late Autumn and Winter swarms that I am happy to give away. I am on the Northside of Brisbane. One box has some pretty crazy comb which I am trying to get under control and am happy to give this box away as is. The other is perfectly drawn and in good order. I will transfer them into your box for you. Cheers Paul

Hi Paul, I’m up to the challenge & drive if they’re still available. cheers mate

I think the crazier the comb, the better.

Hi Jeff, good to hear from you. Well they are related to your bees after all. When do you want to pick them up?

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Thanks Paul, we’re up for the drive tomorrow, if that’s ok with you.

I would love to tackle one of them if possible – I have two friends who want to start a hive this year and I was hoping to catch a swarm for them.

I’m on southside of Brisbane (Runcorn) and am happy to drive over anytime.

Edit: 2nd year keeper with reasonable experience, have helped rescue a couple of hives :slight_smile: