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Sour tasting pollen


I have been a beekeeper for a little over a month now and loving every second of it. I recently started picking up the pollen that fell through for my consumption. 2 weeks ago it tasted like the watermelon vines I have growing next to the hive. Now, the taste is slightly sweet with a lip pearcing sourness at the end. Would anyone have an idea as to why?


I would guess acidity. Nectar has a pH of around 4, which is fairly acidic. Pollen classically tastes a bit like sherbet, but without the fizz. That would be characteristic of an acid flavor. :wink:


So I get what your saying but… it’s a sour without sweet. It was so bad I had to wash my mouth out. I drink vingar twice a week so I can handle sour but this is different. Usually I can taste the flower it comes from. I wonder if salvia (an extremely popular plant in Texas) is the culprit.


Hi Evan, I used to use a pollen trap. I used to find that some pollens were very awful tasting, very bitter. Usually the very dark pollens were like that.


Hmmm ok well it sounds like there is no need to be alarmed. Thank you all very much.