Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association

Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association is one of our local clubs here in Alaska. Meetings are usually held at the VFW hall in Eagle River on the fourth Monday of the month, except in December.


All I can say is that there are indeed serious beekeepers up here in Alaska, some that rune dozens of hives. A few guys even run hundreds of hives. An there is an entire club dedicated to being treatment free, although that is the Alaska Bee Club, not SABA. Not a majority, but a good percentage of beekeepers in Alaska overwinter.

I find it interesting you say that everyone, everywhere is the USA uses the same queens and the same brood boxes. That has not been my experience.

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The keepers here in Alaska advocate 2 deeps. Anything else would waste heat. some like me are using polystyrene hives. More and more people are moving from the kill and collect mindset here. People didn’t think it was possible to winter them… they are changing their minds.