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Southern Highlands NSW AU


Just seeing if there are any beekeepers out there from the Southern Highlands NSW. Happy to chat and catch up on what is happeing for other beekeepers in the area.


Hi eezybeez,
I note your quest for fellow bee keepers in the SH was uneventful so far… I have a couple of hives in the SH a top bar and a Langstroth and I have a Flow hive in Sydney. The hive in Sydney is a new swarm this spring and is producing lots of honey. The lang hive in the SH is into its third summer but I have only just harvested some homey from them… I’m near bundanoon and it seems its a tougher environment for nectar etc down there. What have you found have bees in SH?


Hi zeebeek
Thanks for getting in touch
It has been a slow season this year fro honey but yes you are right, the Southern Highlands is a bit tougher than Sydney for honey flow.
I actually do beekeeping training here in the highlands along with checking hives for people.
Always happy to answer any questions you have on beekeeping here or just beekeeping in general.
If you like to you can email me on john@eezybeez.com.au