NSW Central Coast Beekeepers

Would love to hear from NSW Central Coast folk that are going to get a flow hive!


We are in Eleebana in Lake Macquarie / Newcastle and looking for locals that we can tap into for getting bees and also learning about our local environment with regard to bee keeping? Lets stay in touch.

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Hi, we are in Ulong near Coffs Harbour - half way to Dorrigo on the mountain. Great to meet you guys. Our hive is ordered and we can’t wait!

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Hi ya,
I’m on the peninsula and excited about the hive. Living in quite a populated area surrounded by houses, kinda thinking this wasn’t the best idea but hoping that the anxiety is unfounded.


Hi, I am at Caves Beach & happy to stay in touch

I live on the Tilligerry Peninsula at Port Stephens. Looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge about bee keeping and getting my Flow Hive productive.

I have spoken to a local bee keeper on Nelson Bay Road who has lost a lot of hives to the small hive beetle. So looks like a lot of learning and hopefully not too much pain and frustration!

The Hunter Valley branch of the Australian Beekeepers Association appears to very active with their own web site and meets monthly at Newcastle Botanic Gardens. So, planning on attending May 24th meeting.

There is also a story on the local news web site Tillegerry.com about a local bee keeper moving from Temora and bringing 3 hive stands with him.

So, cannot wait to get started end of year.

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Don’t worry too much Wayne, I have 3 hives in the middle Sydney and my neighbours don’t even know they exist, there are lots of things you can do to screen and deflect your bees from the neighbours. I have even had Rentokil spraying the outside of the house next door, my bees just flew straight up and over.

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Great. Do you already have a hive? or are you waiting for a flow complete hive?

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That’s good to know Rodderick - I was a little concerned about that as wel

Hi Gumnuts,
Which group is that? Do you have their website details?

Hunter Valley Beekeepers

Hi Gumtree, I normally live in Sydney but have a weekender at Shoal Bay. Am amazed by this new possibeelity as I am a total newbee at this. Am here to follow this thread and say hello to all especially other Port Stephens folks. Ideally I would like to buy a flow hive and leave it at Shoal Bay but want to learn of people’s experience with it and how feasible it is to leave the flow hive for long periods of time. Given the cyclone that ripped thru the region lately, I wonder how well the bees and existing hives have fared and recovered.

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Hi Newbie - We have only just moved from Sydney to Tanilba Bay. Best decision ever :smile:
Yes, the storm sure knocked the area around. However, while doing emergency hardware runs to Masters at Heatherbrae I noted a fairly large collection of hives on Masonite Road near the tree plantations that seemed to be OK right after the storm. As I am newbie to this whole idea of keeping my own hive I have no idea about the maintenance/care regime at this time. There is a lady with bee hives and honey for sale on the corner of Nelson Bay Road and Janet Parade at Salt Ash who we had a good talk to about bee keeping and she has had some bad times with hive beetle. Look forward to sharing experiences for this area.

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I live in Tumbi Umbi. Wondering if anyone around my way will let me come have a look at your set up and ask some Qs?

Hi Wayne, my view is once you get a beehive your neighbors should treat you like a rock star. However, there are 4 things to consider around houses, I guess #1 quiet bees, #2 swarm control, #3 bees are attracted to lights at night, so the entrance should face away from any of your neighbors lights & #4 The bees flight path shouldn’t cross anywhere people walk, especially mowing. Good luck with it, cheers.

Hello peoples…also brand new to this but very keen to help build the bee population locally. Cannot afford a hive myself but keen on trying to get a group together to maybe do a HiveShare so to speak.

Immediate friends not too impressed with the idea and like anything communal there is an amount of time to devote. Learning for one. Bit of time involved in researching but these columns can make it easier.

I don’t think going too far away from your local suburb would be a good idea so anyone in the 2263 post code area would be alright. If I don’t manage to find a share in a hive I can always be a good customer.

Dennis @Toukley

Hi Tony, I am in Bellingen an I am just to receive my hive. Cant wait!
How is beekeeping going for you?

Hi Livebakelove, are you still out there?
I’m also in Caves Beach, running a single 6 frame flow hive. Could use some guidance!!

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Hi @Kloris, how is your Caves Beach hive coming along? Reach out if you need any guidance, we are here to help. Cheers Rod

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Gday Rod. Thanks for the reply. The hive seems to be doing well. Did an inspection 2 weeks ago & apart from some trapped hive beetles, all looks ok. Have only harvested 3 flow frames for 5.5kg honey return, but other 3 frames are full & capped - just unsure how much honey to leave for winter & how badly the bees are affected by it in this region. Also unfamiliar with what’s available to them food wise at that time of year. Have you found it necessary to feed your bees at any time during a season?
Lots of questions, as I’ve only begun in Sept last year. I’ve joined Hunter Valley beekeepers but am thinking of attending Central Coast to see what their meeting offer.

Would be interested in where you’re at with the beekeeping experience as well.


Bill Van Oyen


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