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Spring/Summer conditions great on the Sunshine Coast


Conditions are fantastic this Spring /Summer here on the Sunny Coast. Here’s a couple of updates on my second Flow Hive. I placed the 7 frame super on around 3-4 weeks ago and they’ve really gone to town. I’ll do a check on the frames in a week to see how the capping is going. Loving my bees. (Even after they swarmed on me four times this spring😀)



I can only dream of these results ! I live up
North in the Northern Hemisphere … here is Puget Sound we deal with varroa mites n this last Honey Season a 6 week hot dry summer (a dreath) … I was lucky to get enough supply to winter over my girls !!

Congrats on the awesome results ,


Wow, nice to see the flow frames filling that fast! My girls are busy but I haven’t seen that kind of action yet. The spring rains have made everything grow so fast and lots of flowers are coming into bloom so I’m looking forward to seeing honey soon. I have customers waiting! Oh and I felt your pain with swarming too. Lost two and caught two. Learning all the time so will be better prepared next spring.