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Stands - what are people using?


Looks beautiful! How high off the ground does your platform sit?


They are 20 -24" off the ground; the ground being quite unlevel. I have almost no level ground anywhere on my property, so this was the best way to get a level working surface for the hives that shouldn’ t heave every spring.

I also put a gravel base underneath to keep the weeds from coming up. I really can’t imagine the bees are all that fond of mowers near the hives.


Wow Rodderick, you’re on to it.


I’m pretty slack, I’m using old outdoor furniture to sit hives on, might have to think again when the hives get heavy enough. I cut the legs off the table half way up but the chairs are just the right height! We often get mining people moving away and they don’t bother to take the outdoor furniture.


I made stands from 3.8 x 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) angle iron and 10mm deform bar… Cheap if you have a chop saw and welder


I designed my novice stand hoping ants will stay out and I can level it for my flow super. I also elevated it because we get heavy rains that splash soil about a foot high. To level it I take a long screw driver and turn the eye screw thingy. To add an ant moat will be easy.
All the best!


hi, i know this is an old thread, but i’m curious about the boxes at the left side of the cinderblocks. what are they for?


Those look like typical package delivery boxes. They are for transporting shaken bees and a queen to your empty hive. :blush:


umm ok. to further explain my question; what are they being used for in that particular setup?


Some people leave them for an hour or two after installing a package, to let any straggler bees climb out of the box up into the hive. Longer than that is risky, as the residual footprint pheromones can encourage bees to build comb in the box, as if it is a kind of extension of the hive… :wink: