Flow Hive 2 Base Wanted

I have two hives, one of the original flow hives and a flow hive 2. I really love the base on the flow hive 2, the legs, the screen bottom board, the tray. Awesome. I have been trying to buy a flow hive 2 base for the last four months but keep getting the line from flow that they don’t have enough?

The flow hive 2 has been in production for some time now. Am I just getting the run around? Are they being fair dinkum with me? Is there anyone else that would like to buy a flow hive 2 base for their hive?

Maybe if we can generate some interest here they will get their act together.



I think that as the northern hemisphere is just beginning the season there may be a lot going there.
Perhaps @Faroe can shed some light. :wink:

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I’ve written 2 times and they say no. The stand is fantastic and I want to add it to my other older models because the upgrade will help treat my bees easier for beetles and varroa and the nice look of the new stand. My old stands which come with the original are not as efficient. The upgrades will prevent me from having to change bottom boards to winter over. I too want the new stand! Whoop!

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Thanks skeggley, hopefully someone from Flow will chime in here and give us some hope.