Sterilising equipment & varroa mite

I recently read in an article somewhere that sterilising equipment can help with the management of varroa mite in a hive.

Can anyone with experience speak a bit more about this? I’m not sure how one would go about sterilising a hive from varroa mites.

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When I was working with the DPI on the Varrora control we used a metho spray. It sure kills them and any bee it contacts so it should be OK for your needs.


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Like most things, it depends.

Varroa destructor can only survive without bees for five days, so stored equipment doesn’t need anything other than normal maintenance. Anything in recent contact with mite infested bees is a potential carrier of mites hitching a ride to the next hive, so decontamination practices can minimise you causing spread. By far the greatest spread is from hitch hikers on forager bees. At this stage, not an issue in Australia outside the red zone.

Confirming Rob’s comment, when I was volunteering in the DPI Red Zone eradication, we used metho spray to decontaminate everything. It’s very effective and fast at killing bees and mites.