Stingless bees, do they make honey?

Does anyone have any experience with stingless bees in Australia?
We are investigating whether these type of bees would be a safer option for schools.

Of course sting-less bees can’t sting but they also don’t produce an excess of honey like the honey bees do. You would be lucky to get more than 500 grams in a season, a couple of tea cups full. Most of the native bees are smaller than a honey bee so might not be an interest grabber for the students.
If the school decides on a couple of honey bee hives you should also have an Epi-Pen and a ‘bite Away’ in the first aid kit in case a student gets a bad reaction to a sting.


Lots of schools in Sydney have a hive of Tetragonula Carbonaria.

Wouldn’t recommend keeping stinging insects at a school, the liabilities are too great.


Ok, thanks so much for the information.

Oh ok, thanks so much. Good idea about the epi pen. We have them in the front office, but where we are thinking of placing the bees is a long way away from the front office.