Storing frames in freezer for winter

Hi Everyone - I’ve just harvested and now have empty frames to store for winter (the bees have cleaned them up beautifully). My cellar is damp, but I have a huge, fairly empty freezer. Can I store the frames in the freezer the whole winter? Must I put them in bags first? Thanks, Kim.


Hey Kim,
I think the main concern with storing drawn frames over Winter is to protect them from pests like wax moth. If you have spare freezer capacity, that works. It’ll also kill any eggs that might be present. I’ve only stored capped honey in the freezer and I wrap them in cling wrap to seal them. Why? The only reason I have is that I seal any product I place in the freezer to isolate from any possibility of cross contamination. I hope that helps.


There is no reason not to use the freezer, I would wrap them in cling wrap for protection against any transferring of any odors that might upset the bees but maybe that is an ‘over kill’.


Thanks so much - that’s great to know. So much to learn!

Thanks for this - that helps a lot.

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A pleasure to be of help. :grinning: