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Stu in Sydney for Good Design Awards & North Shore Beekeepers Day (NSW Australia)


For anyone interested - the Flow Hive is entered into the Good Design Awards in Sydney Australia. The Flow Hive is on display to be judged alongside other entries.

Stu will be showing the judges a live honey harvest. The winners of the Awards will be announced at a special event in Sydney on Friday night - good luck Flow!


While Stu is in Sydney he will be going along to the North Shore Beekeepers Association special Garden Day where he’ll be providing a Flow Hive demonstration and Q&A with the Club.


This is my local club so I’ll certainly be looking forward to having a chat with Stu.


Cool :slight_smile: Have fun :beers:


A big congratulations to Stu and Cedar and the Flow Team on the Flow Hive winning the 2016 Design Award out of some serious competition. :fireworks:

The Sunday Mail article gives the credit to Evolve Group who I’m guessing were the technical designers and maybe got it to market, but we all know that Stu and Cedar were the ‘creators’ of this remarkable invention. :smiley:


Well done, I told my wife they’d win. Let me be the first to like this comment.




Hey Faroe

Great news but what happened to the boring video clip. Watching through it to see our heroes and just when it got exciting at the 1hr mark, all sound is lost. That’s an hour that I’ll never get back :cry:


I’m not sure, it’s no my/Flow’s video. The sound goes for about 30 seconds/a minute, then comes back on and you can hear Stu and Cedar’s speech. Also, the video is at the part just before they get the award, but you must have watched it from the beginning.