Summer bees seem to be doing well

Hello!! Did an inspection on Tuesday and got some pictures during it. Only saw one verroa mite on a bee. Also, one SHB. I put one trap in for SHB, so we will see how it works. I’m sure there are more than I saw so working to eliminate them now.

I should have put my second brood box on sooner to capture the last part of the spring flow but it’s empty now but I think helping regulate the heat. I had a few weeks with a two gallon top feeder and sugar syrup in it.

I thought I was getting syrup bound so I stopped feeding and the queen started laying again. She’s gone through the summer laying and not laying. Capped brood fluctuations but everyone is calm and friendly when I do my weekly inspections.

this last inspection I only had a veil and was comfortable. I know when the heat subsides here in Texas I will suit up again for safety. One got one sting with this hive so far.

I am planning to let them draw out the medium that’s currently an empty brood box now. Then try and capture the spring flow possibly in the Flow frames.

This is my first hive and I have found such a passion with beekeeping. I love everything about them. Slightly obsessive I imagine.

I use these images to help look for verroa as I am sure I miss some during my visual inspections.

Let me know if you see anything worrisome.

Searching for mites on the adult bees is not only difficult but not a useful way to monitor. By the time you see any or very many, you likely have an infestation since 80% of mites are on capped brood.

You should do a sugar shake or alcohol wash to get a more accurate count and consider your treatment options. My preferred method this time of year is formic pro.


I also found some cam panels from old signs at work. Cut them up and replaced the cedar roof panels. Silver side out reflects the heat and seems to be keeping the hive cooler than when the cedar panels were on.

I kept checking the company that made the panels that were posted on here but they are Out of Stock constantly.

Made my own and they work pretty well.