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Super completely empty of anything

Hello! Newbie beekeeper here in Oregon. I got my first nuc/queen in April. I have a single brood box that looks good at least comparatively speaking with what I see in the various YouTube vids. During the summer, I saw bees up in the super area although they did not appear to be doing anything productive. I did a varroa treatment in August and did see dead varroa mites in the tray. Now (October) I see no bees in the super at all and the super frames are super clean like they just came out of the box. So a) Is this something to be concerned about? & b) If so, what should I do and/or be looking for?

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum!

In Oregon, you probably need double brood boxes to have enough stores for winter. I would join a local bee club and ask what the locals do with their Langstroth hives. I wouldn’t mention Flow hive to start with, some old-timers are pretty hostile to Flow, and the Flow hive is a type of Langstroth anyway.

It is unusual in most climates to get a harvest in your first year. The colony needs to build up numbers and wax the Flow frames. That super needs to come off right now. If not, they will fill gaps with propolis and that may make it hard or impossible to harvest next year. I am way south of you, but I usually take my super off in July.

Some areas have a fall nectar flow (your local club would know) and if so, you may want to leave it on for longer. Certainly once the night time temperatures drop below the mid-50s, you should not have the Flow super on the hive. Tropical and sub-tropical climates can leave it on year-round, but we don’t have that blessing!

You may need to feed your bees over winter if they don’t have really good stores. I would use fondant or granulated white (never brown) sugar in your climate, and perhaps add a pollen (substitute) patty in early March.

Hope that helps. Please ask more if you have more questions, and expect other replies too - this forum is very active! :wink:

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Where is Oregon are you? Quite a lot of different microclimates in the state…

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Welcome to the forum! My Flow supers have been off since early Sept here in PA. Good points made by Dawn and Alok - plus more to read here:

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